Show Your Ties Some Love

ties love

You can rarely replace a favorite tie if it gets worn and tattered, so we want to share with you some tips for necktie care that will help them last for decades.

Ties have been an integral part of men’s wardrobes since the 17th century, when France’s King Louie XIII introduced them. Originally, these ornamental sashes were designed to keep the top of jackets tied closed, dispelling the fallacy that neckties evolved from bibs for men.

Today, ties are available in many widths, fabrics and patterns, but the standard width is still about 3.5 inches; skinny ties, bold florals and wild paisleys are always in style.

If you have a favorite tie, a “lucky” tie, a special occasion tie, or perhaps a huge collection of designer ties, treat them with respect and they will always brighten up your suits and add the finishing touch to your look.

Remove Your Ties Carefully

This is easier said than done, particularly after a guy has had a rough day at the office in the summertime. Most guys just want to get the tie off their neck as quickly as possible, so they pull the skinny end through the knot to unravel it. This instant relief is quick, but it ruins the shape of the tie. To make your ties last a lot longer, remove them by doing the tie-tying steps in reverse order.

Store Your Ties Lovingly

What kind of Tie Guy are you? Do you throw your tie over a chair, stuff it in a drawer, or hang it on the same hanger as your suit? Ties need TLC whether they’re made of fine silk or stiff polyester, so try to hang it up as soon as you take it off. If you hang your ties correctly, the creases and folds will be smoothed out by gravity. If you opt for a tie rack, choose one that has slats rather than rungs. When you travel, fold your ties and carefully insert in your luggage by storing them in the pockets of your sport coat, to minimize creasing.

Clean Your Ties Professionally

It is definitely worth the money to have your ties professionally dry cleaned. It typically costs less than a couple of dollars per tie, and a dry cleaner can bring your ties back to life. However, we recommend that you tell the cleaner not to press your neckties. If you iron a tie, its rolled edges will be crushed, and the tie will lose its shape.

Treat Your Stains Quickly

Ties are subject to Murphy’s Law: The more you like a particular tie, the more likely it is to get stained – in the worst possible spot. The key to eradicating stains on a tie is to act quickly, and seltzer water (club soda) is still the best solution. However, if you spill some fast-food grease on your tie, sprinkle talcum powder on the stain to absorb the grease. Wait a few hours, and then brush away the powder.

Follow These Expert Tips

-Try full-strength lemon juice on stubborn tie stains

-Never submerge a tie in water for any reason

-Don’t scrub a tie, use blotting and dabbing motions

-Always test any cleaning solution on an inconspicuous area

Take Your Wrinkles Seriously

A rumpled tie makes a man look like a hot mess, so do everything you can to avoid wrinkling your tie. This includes removing the tie as described above, and storing it properly as soon as you can. The main reason ties get ruined by deep-seated creases and wrinkles is that men insist on tying their knots too tightly. Take it easy, guys, an elegant tie should not be tightened like a hockey skate! Try a loose Windsor knot for a change, and you may like what you see.
Ties made of cotton and wool may be safely rolled up and stored in a shallow drawer, but keep your silk ties in a hanging rack to preserve them.

Respect Your Silk Ties

Silk ties have a luster and sparkle that catches the eye like no other accessory, due to their delicate fabric and weave. Special attention is needed to keep them looking good year after year. Never dry clean a silk tie, even if your cleaner claims to be a silk expert. Professional cleaners use chemicals which may destroy delicate silk ties – why take the chance?
If you have several silk ties, you should invest in a handheld steam cleaner, which does wonders for any tie. Erase the wrinkles and creases with steam, and you’ll never have to subject your beloved ties to an ironing board.
Tie tacks are eye-catching and functional, but they do leave disfiguring holes in your precious ties. To avoid these permanent holes, insert the tie tack through the fabric keeper tag on the back, and your shirt. If clothes make the man, then ties make the clothes. Keep your ties looking sharp and new, and they will never let you down.