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Kendi Ties is a company passionate about men’s ties. We want to bring our wide range of ties to more men, allowing you to create your own personal style. With personal service and hand-picked first class products we want to make fashion both easy and fun.

About Kendi

Jason Kendi was born in the UK and was raised as a real gentleman in the centre of London. With plenty of stores to choose from, good clothing was familiar to him at a young age. He grew up knowing tailors, suit silhouettes and Craftsmen by name.

Whilst Kendi was unable to afford a bespoke wardrobe as a young man, he started out building his wardrobe from vintage stores and flea markets that provided him with quality clothing at a fraction of the retail price. With the help of his alterations tailor (his mother) Kendi was able to wear clothes with the a perfect fit. Kendi’s experience researching brands, fabrics and countries of origin to build an understanding of what clothing was available, enabled him to spot a quality product.

With his ability to choose the best look in a quality product and to track trends, Kendi moved to the US where he studied fashion business management at the Fashion Institute of Technology at the State University of New York. Whilst in New York, a credited internship with master tie-maker Joe Fowles, led him to begin his own business, Kendi Ties in 2009.

Kendi Ties is for the lovers of ties

tie colors

We offer thousands of different ties from timeless classics to modern trends for stylish men. Nearly everything you see at Kendi Ties is designed by our talented team, providing a level of intimacy and attention to detail that few can match. Our silk is Mulberry Silk with a Jacquard weave and a weight of 28 momme. We select all our materials to be of the same high grade quality. Our ties come in a classic and a slim width to look modern, but with a classic feel.

We have a range of self-tie and pre-tied bow ties that are built to withstand regular use. As with our ties, our bow ties are available in solid colours for a bold statement or one colour with a texture or pattern in the same colour for a more subtle look or a mix of colours and patterns.

At Kendi Ties, we want to help men to embrace the world of ties. We’ll provide top tips to help the stylish man to choose a tie, tips on how, and when, to tie your tie in a Windsor knot or a four-in-hand, tips on how to wear your tie at the correct length, tips on how to clean and care for your tie and much more.

We engage directly with our customers to help with colours and style from classic paisley, stripes, polka dot, herringbone or more contemporary patterns. You can choose a silk tie, a wool tie or perhaps even a bow-tie. Our aim is to help all stylish men look their best. Quality and design are the most important selection criteria as we renew and increase our range to provide our customers with a continuously updated selection of not just the latest trends, but our own unique designs.

Besides the best selection of premium ties, you can expect a fast and secure checkout when buying online. Our no-hassle return policy and a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee indicates how confident we are that you will find a tie you love.